ChloeAustralia - They sent me false uggs and wouldnt return me my money

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For black Friday I bought two pairs of uggs off who had great deals on uggs.I wanted the uggs to give to my mom and a pair for my birthday.

When I went to pay the credit card wouldn't work so I tired once more with a different card and it still didn't work. I ended up giving and just left it at that. Then around two weeks I obtained the uggs I purchased. When I looked at them they looked odd compaired to my other uggs I had bought from eBay.

After some research I came to the conclusion that they were fake and not the authentic product I had bought. One boot was bigger than its pair and the ugg tag was sewed on wrong.

I emailed the company to complain and everytime their response was "we've never had this I assure you they are real and if you keep them we'll give you a discount on your next purchase " I find it absurd to think ill ever shop off them again if this is what their products look like.I want to warn anyone who ever stumbles on this site to never buy off them.

Review about: Uggs Classic Tall And Classic Short.

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